About us

About us

About us

We are a 2015-founded, Hong Kong-based workshop, producing fully customized kigurumi masks.

Introduction to our products


Our kigurumi masks are mainly using glass fibre, resin and eva foam, with an approximate weight of 1-3kg. (Exact weight is subject to actual wig and hair accessories)

Types of kigurumi masls

We are mainly offering two options for kigurumi masks, mainly Half-head and Full-head.

Half-head is one of the most common types of kigurumi masks, which include the face and the half hindbrain.

Full-head is recommended to opted when pony tail/braid or special hairstyle is required. Since the masks will then cover most part of the head, the kigurumi mask will weigh heavier than half-head. Please remark if you would like to opt for full head kigurumi masks. (Additional fee may apply)